Hubert Mizell; St. Pete Times writer who saw the future one day.

It was 1994; and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were for sale. It didn’t look too good that the Bucs would be able to stay here in Tampa. The Bucs had won a game, first time in 6 weeks, but it was the first of 4 in a row. Hubert MIzell didn’t need to know that. He didn’t need to know about the Glazers, or the Pewter Uniforms. He didn’t need to know about Raymond James Stadium, or Tony Dungy. He had it all right without all of those people… This clip is from the Monday Morning after win #3 of week 12 in what would be a 6-10 season… Give them a fresh coat of paint. Something black, maybe red, even electric blue. Anything but that ominous, outrageous orange. Strip the winking wimp from their helmets, replacing Bucco Bruce with a more manly, more respectable logo. They’re not far from being okay. I’m beginning to semi-believe Sam Wyche, their beleaguered head coach. Among the 47 athletes on Tampa Bay’s payroll, you could replace maybe six with better people and convert your banged-around NFL losers into respected contenders.

Paint them up. Give them new, more professional uniforms. Restructure their identity. With a new image, your Bucs could be a far better NFL outfit as soon as 1995. Let’s hope some rich, foresighted locals see similar promise, deciding to bag the Tampa Bay franchise that is up for sale. Keeping it here, in an improved Tampa Stadium. It’s got to get better. There are no more Culverhouses to goof it up. Tampa Bay deserves a break. Its NFL franchise deserves a break. You deserve a break. Pro football should be enjoyed, not loathed. Something our community hasn’t done much of since 1982. You deserve the opportunity.


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