Bucs fall into last place with 38-19 loss to Panthers

bucsThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now lost 6 games in a row, and have fallen into a tie for last place in the NFC South as injuries have basically now decimated the team’s critical players and areas. While many will want to place blame on the Head Coach, you cannot really judge ANY area of this team’s play based on today’s results, because your best player is NOT on the field. Thats not to say you can’t judge anything, but overall you can’t make any decisions based on THIS game.

 How many people feel they can  judge the Indianapolis Colts effort today vs the Patriots without Peyton Manning? The Bucs offense settled for 4 FGs in the first half, how many of those drives if continued would have kept Cam Newton and the Panthers out of the end zone?

 If this was the result of a Bucs game played with Josh Freeman, I would be upset and calling for more change. Unfortunately, Nothing can be proven or disproven because No.5 did not play today, and he is without a doubt the best player on the field for the Bucs.

 With that being said, there are some areas we can take a look at today.


DEFENSE- There is a lot of optimism over the future of our defensive ends here. Da’Quan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn put some good pressure on today. This is sadly one of the few bright spots on the defense. Gerald McCoy needs to stay healthy, and Brian Price needs to learn a good lesson applied today.

 The Bucs were mediocre in controlling the run game today, Jonathan Stewart had 80 yards on 14 carries, with DeAngelo Williams adding on 29 on 11. Cam Newton carried the ball for 54 yards with 14 attempts. Still, thats an improvement lately.

 PLAYERS- There is a major issue with players on this team now, and it’s time for change of some kind. You cannot lose 6 games in a  row and say you don’t need change. Raheem Morris must step down as Defensive Coordinator and concentrate on coaching.

 Ownership wanted a young young team. With it, you have young young players. Brian Price was sent HOME from the game because of a personal foul penalty he committed. Next Year, we need to see some veteran players added to this roster to show these young players how to grow up. Players follow leaders, not coaches.


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