Bucs play stupid in loss to Saints 27-16 to fall to 4-4; 3rd place

For the first time since 2009, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have lost two games in a row, and looked bad in doing so. Matters worse, Gerald McCoy has been lost for the year according to St. Pete Times writer Rick Stroud (@NFLSTROUD).

But the key word for this game is, no, not regressed, the word is STUPID. As in Blount Stupid. Watch, then more on it later.

Check out the Blount penalty in browser

Time to admit it, this is a stupid team. Raheem Morris says the Bucs need to play Smart, Hard, Consistant, yet all they do is play consistant. Consistantly poor in the first 26 minutes of the game, a rush before half, then wait till the third quarter is almost over before trying hard to come back.

In the meantime, the list of stupidities:

Down by 14 but 3rd down deep in New Orleans, and you put #5 on the bench and go for a trick play with Josh Johnson? What happened to “its all about 5”??

LeGarrette Blount, I officially will never get upset at an announcer for bringing up your Oregon Punch- Because you did it again. You were stupid today, and your coach had no choice but to pull you out of the game. And trust me, the drop to Kregg Lumpkin is enourmous.

The Bucs offense moved the ball so many times into the Saints territory, but the Bucs shot themselves in the foot so many times with Penalties. The Bucs were completely stupid today when it comes to playing smart. They continued their penalty filled ways, and its starting to become concerning that perhaps some of the critics are right about Raheem Morris’ control on this team.

Raise your hand if you had enough of Bucs players getting up off the turf throwing their hands in the air waiting for a penalty. Guess what guys, if they call it, they call it. They are not going to let a group of nobodies make them pull a flag out of their pocket.

Its beyond time to wonder what is going on with this defense. once again it got gashed, giving up almost 100 yards rushing before halftime even gets here. Now that McCoy is done for the year, are we going to see the other team run all over the place now?

It’s not over yet, and the Bucs are probably going to play the season like they do their games, right down to the wire, but Im doubtul this Bucs team will make any noise this year. They are doomed to fail without a consistant running game as they only have one running back, cannot pressure the QB, and have reversing performances out of key players this season, from Mike Williams, Josh Freeman (although No.5 had a very good game and made the best with this work) 


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