Change for Tampa Bay Buccaneers is coming, in 3 more games

Before you call in your favorite radio show and beg the Glazers to fire Raheem Morris so Rob Ryan can take over and scrap the whole Bucs draft class over the last 3 years to try and run the 3-4, I will let you all in on a scoop I just received from a credible source:

There will be changes to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the end of this season. These changes include:

End of 2011 and beginning of 2012 in March
An actual offseason for a change
Josh Freeman will have coaching this summer
At least 6 new rookies will join this youngest NFL team, potentially a game changer finally
someone who does NOT live in the Tampa Bay area will mention how the Bucs have the most cap room, and how we shouldnt worry

OK, OK, I know, that is not enough. Or is it? The truth is we dont know, none of us. But you can be sure that something is going to happen to the coaching staff on this Bucs team, but the truth is the Head Coach is not the only one at fault. He may not even be the MOST one at fault. 

So who is?

50% Person whose idea it was to abandon free agency for kids. Kids commit 7 turnovers. Veterans commit a few, then change momentum. 
20% Head Coach- This team is still 100% in Raheem’s corner. Thats good coaching. But this team cannot answer what the problem is. If they have no answers, thats poor coaching. Which leads to…
20% Bad Assistant coaches– Wide Receivers are loafing, LeGarrette Blount still cant pass protect, Josh Freeman does stupid things over and over and over again.
10% We have bad players mixed in.  Sean Jones, everyone whose job description is linebacker whose name is not Foster, Kregg Lumpkin whose lifetime YAC has to be 8 inches, I could go on. A lot of players theyve picked they have not hit on.

Free Agency is the cure. I agree they should not have BUILT the team with Free Agents, but now is the time for them.

So if change is your thing, get ready for it. It’s happening, and very soon. Hopefully, its for the better of the Bucs.  


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