Coaching Carousel: Wheels go round and round, come off for Bisaccia.

There’s a new Marshall in town! Ok, a new deputy, sort of. The Coaching Carousel has commenced in Tampa Bay with Special Teams coach Rich Bisaccia taking off to San Diego to do the exact same job he did here. When you listen to him talk though, there sounds like some animosity was present in the organization. Bisaccia says ” “This is a tremendous opportunity for me to be part of a winning organization and work with Norv Turner,” Bisaccia said. “There’s a real opportunity here to win it all. I’ve worked with Jon Gruden, and now I have the opportunity to work with Norv. These are two of the best coaching minds in football. I’m really looking forward to it.” A winning organization? 9-7. 8-8 in the last two years? Clearly mentioning Jon Gruden and bypassing anything about Raheem Morris, Bisaccia felt some animosity towards the leagues youngest coach. Whether he felt he was passed up for the Head Coaching Job incorrectly or not we don’t know, but it’s clear by the statement Rich wasn’t all perfectly happy. In his place will be Bucs assistant defensive backs coach Dwayne Stukes. I always like when the Bucs go within the Bucs for coaches. Seems a lot of people were right that the Bucs office was not happy with Defensive Line coach Todd Wash, and have offered the role to Vikings defensive line coach Karl Dunbar, whose contract is expiring. Likewise, the contract of Bucs defensive line coach Todd Wash is also expiring, and this news might signal his exit from Tampa Bay. Dunbar’s resume is pretty impressive, he’s been the Vikings’ DL coach for 4 years, and at 43 also has spent time with the Bears, LSU and Oklahoma State, all of which were rich in defensive-line talent. Luckily a close call was averted (well, we don’t know how close) when Josh Freeman’s QB Coach Alex Van Pelt, According to reports, spoke with the University of Pittsburgh who ended up hired Tulsa coach Todd Graham instead of Van Pelt.


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