It doesn’t Take a Rocket Scientist to figure out…

….why the Bucs are in trouble if they don’t get out of the gate faster in games.

The Bucs are a very exciting team.  This team thrives on fourth quarter comebacks.  I firmly believe that Raheem Morris and Josh Freeman get offbucsWe need to see more of this in the FIRST half too! on giving all Bucs fans heart attacks.  However, the Bucs cannot sustain this to have continued NFL success.  It is great to know that very few leads are out of reach for this team, but why not put inferior opponents away early?  Why can’t the Bucs ever jump out to a 17-0 lead and stick their foot on the other team’s proverbial throat?

When playing from behind, everything has to go the way of the Pewter Pirates in order for the ship to stay afloat.  All the bounces have to fall the right way, the refs have to be looking at the correct angles, and all of the halftime adjustments have to be perfect.  Yes, I am well aware that Josh Freeman threw an interception in the end zone this past Sunday, but how many times do you honestly think he will be able to get away with a play like that down 10 points?  Minnesota is a very mediocre team and the Bucs made them look like the New England Patriots in the first half.

If the Bucs were to ever have the lead early, there is room for error and mistakes and bad bounces.  When the Bucs start to play the first 30 minutes as well as the last 30 minutes, the clock gets shorter and suddenly those last 15 minutes won’t even matter.  Sure, it’s a lot more boring for a fan, but which of the following two scenarios would you rather:

  1. A heart-thumping game that is played down to the wire, some of which the Bucs will lose
  2. A laugher and a dull 4th quarter, followed by some exciting playoff football played in Tampa

I don’t know about you, but I’d much prefer to see the Bucs in the playoffs, even if it involves not being on the edge of my seat during the last two minutes of every game for the rest of this season.

The Buccaneers have the potential to be a great team in 2011.  They just need to wake up and start the games as strong as they are finishing them.  That alone will make the difference between the Bucs being an average team and the Bucs being a great time.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

Editor’s Note; We like the “It Doesnt take a Rocket Scientist to figure out…” column because our own Brian Kornfeld IS a real life Rocket Scientist! 


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