Oldest Home Preseason Game FOUND!

Many thanks to Rob Holecko who sent me a box of VHS tapes he recorded, adding three new PreSeason games to the Bucstop.com library, including the now oldest home preseason game available: 1984 week 5 Miami at Tampa Bay.

Dan Marino had come off his rookie sensational year, and was destined for the Super Bowl in ’84. The Bucs? Well this would be John McKay’s last year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The other two games are 2003 preseason games against Jacksonville and the St. Louis Rams, and one game is upgraded, the very first Jon Gruden Preseason game against Miami, we now have the FULL game. Prior to its arrival, only 38 minutes of the game was available. 

Dan Marino was indeed a superstar and headed to the hall of fame. Well, we have a hall of famed too, and this clip from the game shows our HOFer introducing himself!

Check out the video in your browser by clicking HERE 


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