Thank You Panthers, You let your best coach ever go, and you should be a doormat for the next 5 years at least.

Yeah John, we can't believe Panther's management is that stupid either. 11-5 vs the Bucs from 02-09

There is only one person more deadly to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers than Jake Delhomme. No not Steve Smith, although thats not a bad guess. It’s head Coach Jon Fox. Fox was the Senior most coach in the NFC South, having gotten the job at the same time as Jon Gruden. Fox is a defensive guy, He was the Defensive Coordinator for the NY Giants around their Superbowl year in 2000. John Fox was 11-5 against the Bucs before this season when he went to battle with a young team similar to what the Bucs did last year. It seems like you can only do that when you are a new Head Coach, that current coaches cannot do that for some reason, the fans just don’t have the patience. You just kind of get the feeling the Panthers are going to be a door mat for the next half decade or so, if not more.


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