App Alerts! Two Apps you don’t want to miss if your a sports fan! Thuuz and TuneIn Radio

Time to Time, We will do a review of a product or service that we think is cool, just to make you aware of it. We NEVER get anything for doing this, nor receive anything from the company. We just feel its awesome and want you to know about it.

This is an iphone, Android app that displays excitement ratings for game upcoming, in progress or recently completed, based on your settings, and lets you know where you can catch the game, even giving you directions to a nearby sports bar to watch it!

You can get emails telling you what games yesterday were really cool, and it will tell you to start watching from the bottom of the 6th! Its fully customizable based on what sports or teams you like, or what your into. Ive used it for a month, and I enjoy the alerts each day that tell me when my favorite teams do something cool so I can check in asap, or watch later.

You can check out Thuuz here… 

Next up…TuneIn Radio and TuneIn Radio Pro- the pro is .99 cents, and Im not sure what you get less with the free one, because I figured Id pay 1 dollar for what I heard I was getting. But I had no IDEA what I was really getting. 

Most of us have a few apps to get the different radio stations you want. Well no more. TuneIn Radio Pro has EVERY LOCAL STATION, in order, FM and AM!

Not only that, but you can go on a map to anywhere in the world, click on the dot, and have access to all of THEIR stations too!
Basically, in a nutshell, you have access to every radio station in the whole world!!! 


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