OUCH! Bucs face the NFC EAST Beasts early in 2012 Schedule!

The Bucs will try to rebound with new Head Coach Greg Schiano by taking on what was always the toughest division in football for 3 of the first 4 games. But the kicker? The Bucs will get some 4pm national games, including the season opener at home vs the Carolina Panthers at 4:15 PM! Finally a cool one for the Bucs faithful!
Then road games vs the NY Giants and Dallas Cowboys, preceed the next 4:15 game, home vs the Washington Redskins. then the Bucs get their bye week.

Next the Bucs are on CBS (if they sell out) VS KC Chiefs, and home again, the third home game in a row, vs the Saints.

The Bucs WILL NOT be in England this year, but they will play on NFL Network on October 25th, a mere 4 days after playing the saints to take on the Minnesota VIkings AT Minnesota. BRUTAL!!

Bucs are on the road again for yet another 4:05 game at the Oakland Raiders which starts a series of home and away games the rest of the season.

The last nine games are home and away each game.
1pm vs Chargers on CBS (if they sell out)
1PM at Carolina
1PM vs Atlanta
4:05 at Denver Broncos, as the Bucs will take on Peyton Manning?
The Bucs vs Eagles rivalry is renewed, as the Dec 9 1PM game is home.
1pm at New Orleans
1pm vs St. louis Rams
and last but not least, just like last year (but with hopefully a better result, 1pm At Atlanta.

So there you have it. The Bye is week 5.  

Not too many streaks here..
9 games of alternating one home one away
3 out of 4 games on the road from week 8 at minnesota to week 11 at Carolina with only the Chargers at home.
3 straight home games, weeks 4, 6, 7, Skins, Chiefs, Saints.

Best of luck Bucs it can be done! 


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