CHIP KELLY staying at Oregon

The same source that broke the story about Chip Kelly becoming the next coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has now come out and said that Chip Kelly has changed his mind.

This source is Adam Jude of The Register-Guard.

Of course this has all changed in the last few hours, so its possible Kelly is doing an about face to save face and not release the information before its announced by the Buccaneers. But as far as we know, Chip Kelly is NOT coming to Tampa Bay, he has decided to stay in Oregon.


CHEAP- One of the things that irked me were the stupid idiotic comments on the Tampa Bay Times site calling the Bucs looking at Kelly because they are cheap. As one of the most innovative minds in football today, Chip Kelly would command a HUGE salary, more than likely LIFTING the notion the Glazers are cheap. There is no way to know for sure, but I would estimate Kelly would have been paid about 4 million dollars a year.

SPREAD OFFENSE WONT WORK IN PROS- Chip Kelly is an offensive minded coach. He knows that if you do. Kelly would not bring the spread offense to the pros, but he would bring an offense that is creative, adaptive, and progressive, while also a tad bit out of the Box.

Kelly is 48 years old, he is not young, and he is not inexperienced.  He’s been a head coach for three years, and an offensive coordinator since at least 1999. Kelly had the New Hampshire Wildcats offense at the #2 offense in NCAA in 2005 with 493 yards per game, 3rd in scoring with 41.7 points per game, and fifth in passing with 300 yards per game avg.



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