Glazers: “We will spend money”- public is not buying until they see it.

bucs draft free agencyAt the news conference the Glazers used to fire Raheem Morris and take some semblence of blame for this mess, Joel Glazer said something everyone heard; “We will spend money”. Listening and reading user comments on websites, radio call in shows and such, the consensus is the Bay area fans don’t buy it. And its not just the people, Radio hosts are saying it too… “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

There is that much apathy in the Bay Area towards the Glazers, an area that went through the Culverhouse regime, simply does not believe anything that comes out of their mouth. There has been too much damage. It’s going to take action unfortunately to change people’s minds, so I hope they make the move NOW, rather than waiting until 2013 when ownership is forced to spend. The reason is there is no effort to do it on their own, so no one will change their opinion of them.

A new report says the Bucs, under the updated money situation for 2012, may have up to 150 million dollars of cap room to spend, instead of 50 million. What Bucs fans don’t want to see however is more signing of current players to big contracts. Sure some of them are due and may deserve it, but the Glazers need to spend money bringing in NEW talent, free agents, veterans, not the undrafted kind. There are enough LeGarrette Blounts on the roster as it is!

The Bucs owners need to be careful dont want to become the next Philadelphia Eagles by picking up TOO MANY Top flight free agents which have a tendancy to be divas that dont work well with each other. There is nothing wrong with getting a good solid veteran player at key positions, one or two for each meeting room.

1 Top of the line WR, plus a solid WR for depth,
1 Full back
1 Top Flight Running back with breakaway speed
1 Top flight Linebacker, Outside if Foster stays in, or Inside if Foster is to be moved out.
2 veteran linebackers.
2 Veteran corners 
1 Veteran Safety
1 Elite Offensive lineman either G or T
1 or 2 Veteran OL
1 Veteran TE
1 Veteran QB for backup.

In the draft, it all depends on who you get with #5, but it will either be..
Rd 1)- WR, CB, RB  in no particular order. take best guy.
Other Rounds
RB, LB, LB, CB, OL Saf 


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