More blackout info…

It’s now quite clear the the NFL Blackout policy is in limbo, and the real controler of the policy is unknown to me at this time. The Wall Street Journal has published an article claiming the NFL has approved an 85% blackout rule for this year, that as long as 85% of the stadium is blacked out before 72 hours of an NFL game, it can be broadcast on local TV. 

It was under my impression that Congress controls the NFL blackout rule, now known as Public Law 93-107, which was passed just before football season in 1973. The law was set to expire after 3 seasons. With NFL owners and Pete Rozell so against the law, could the NFL have really had their minds swayed so quickly as to keep the law voluntarily? Fans in Tampa Bay and Washington are overjoyed. 

I have asked the WSJ author for more clarification on this, as it is unclear who controls the NFL blackout rules; Congress, the FCC, or the NFL themselves.


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