“WINNING” for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is not that far away

greg schiano head coach tampa bayWith the  hiring of Greg Schiano from Rutgers, don’t be too suprised if winning is not that far away for the Bucs franchise. The reason being he is a perfect fit for the Bucs locker room. The lockerroom fell apart midseason this past year, and while no one really knows why, its clear something happened and Raheem Morris and his staff were unable to correct the steering. The Bucs went off the road.

But now a new coach who is relatively young, yet is a no-nonsense guy, will work with the Bucs kids who are not that much older than the ‘kids’ he’s been working with at Rutgers. He will be a teacher, and a motivator, and a disciplinarian, all together, which is what a team that gives up 42 points in the first half of a game needs.

Surely by now we all realize the  Bucs are not as bad as their 45-26 loss to the Falcons in their last game. They may not be as good as their 10-6 season of 2010, or maybe they were. The Bucs lost a lot of leadership going from 2010 to 2011, and they will gain some of that back picking up some veteran players through Free Agency, and before you say anything about the subject, the Glazers WILL BE spending a little dough when March comes around. This pick up proves it, this is the old Glazers, this is ‘Jon Gruden”, perhaps to a lesser extent, but its still an outside the  box hire. 

Of course your saying “But Nick college coaches since 2000 have totally failed”, and your right, for the most part they have, but you have to look at why. First of all, a lot of those college to pro gigs were bad organizations to begin with. I mean come on, the Raiders? The Browns? Heck even the 49ers. But then Jim Harbaugh comes along, DELEGATES authority, which is what the Bucs will have for the first time since 2001- an offensive and defensive coordinator to do their jobs while the Bucs coach can just COACH! Petrino, Saban, Spurrier, and numerous others, Tried to call their own plays. Its too many hats to wear in the NFL. Raheem Morris was able to do it for a short time, but then the Defense completely fell apart. Then the team fell apart. Its probably to suprise looking back in hindsight: Both coordinators were never really replaced.

TAMPA BAY is a football community that is about defense and running the ball; our football genes are about playing defense (and according to Dan Sileo, its a pressure type defense) and LeGarrette Blount, Mike Alstott, Warrick Dunn, Errict Rhett, Reggie Cobb, Lars Tate, James Wilder, Ricky Bell; running the football for first downs and big applause from the Bucs fans. Its about linebackers crushing ball carriers, and defensive linemen like Sapp, Selmon, Rice, crushing QBs.

Assitant coaches will be rounded up, and a new era will begin; Its truly a new day in Tampa Bay again, the ties to the Tampa Two, Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden are behind us. 



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