Ronde Barber- Corner that we used to know

ronde barberThe problem with numbers is the sheer size sometimes escapes your imagination. You look at a digital clock that says 4:21 and you feel like its four thirty; see it on an analog face clock and you think its only quarter after. Numbers increase by adding zeros on the end, but the real effect of each digit is harder to measure unless its against something tangible. 

If your a million seconds old, your a three week old baby- Hit a Billion seconds of age, your now closer to 32 years old. A trillion seconds spans several times all of human recorded history; sometimes you need a little perspective on things.

Ronde Barber turns out to be the one after all. When we watched the 1999 playoff run, we saw Paul Gruber establishing a Bucs longevity record, while Derrick Brooks was in his prime. Number 55 would pass Gruber, just like Barber has now established himself as the NFL iron man. Sure he is moving to safety, which is yet another ‘real time’ exhibit as to how long Barber has played for our Buccaneers.

Going into camp on Friday, there is an opening at the right cornerback spot for the first time since you had to choose which flavor iMac you wanted to take home. Not a Mac user? Ok…because you were just learning how to download music on Napster the last time Tampa Bay didn’t have Ronde Barber’s name in ink.

Long criticized as a ‘system’ player, Barber made his living covering the slot receiver, but adjusted well when forced to take on man 2 man responsibilities in 2009. Now he will shift to safety where his ball hawking instincts will assist him in the transition. His sure-tackling skills will only reinforce reasons Tampa Bay signed off on the move, which could squeez another 3 or 4 seasons out of the hero of the 2002 NFC Championship game.

Bucs fans always remember what they were doing when Barber went “coast to coast” in Philadelphia sending Eagles fans home bitter, cold and wet. This is the ten year anniversary of that SuperBowl team. Yet on opening day, it will be Barber that is celebrated for his longevity.

How’s that for the analog kid? 


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