Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching search going slowly, patiently, thoroughly

The Tampa Bay Bucs are finally being thorough with their coaching search, similar to how they did their first search which ended up with Tony Dungy eventually. When Dungy was fired, Gruden too was hired eventually, but that was a case of NOT being prepared. This time the Glazers are trying not to leave a single stone unturned.

So far, Coaches have been interviewed and named, so lets go over what we have so far an see what were getting.


Jerry Grey: He was the minority interview mandated by the Rooney Rule, which states a minority candidate MUST be interviewed before a hire is made. Grey comes with no head coaching experience, he is the defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans, who were 18th in overall defense, and were alive in the playoff race until the very end, week 17.       However when he was the DC with Buffalo, the Bills were #2 in both 2003 AND 2004.

OUTLOOK: Up and coming, young, defensive, inexperienced as HC. Rank 4 of 10

Mike Sherman: Unlike Grey, he has head coaching experience with a winning record. He was HC of Green Bay Packers with a winning record at Green Bay. He coached colleges from 1978-1996 when he went to Green Bay as TE coach from 97-98. Offensive Coordinator for Seattle in 1999, then Packers Head Coach from 2000-2005, happened to be HC for Green Bay when they fell apart in 2005. Assistant HC and OC for Houston preceeded his move back to college where he has a .500 record at Texas A&M since 2008. He was fired.

Outlook: Experienced, Re-tread, offensive, experienced, age 57. Rank 5.5 of 10

Brad Childress: 55 year old Childress was fired as HC of Minnesota during their fall a year after an NFC Championship loss. He is an offensive guy who was OC with Wisconsin before going to Philadelphia to work for Andy Reid as QB coach working with Donovan McNabb. 99-02 as McNabbs coach, then Eagles OC from 03-05 is a solid piece on his resume.   He took over the Vikings HC job in 2006, but a lot was said about his relationship with players. Some liked him, some didn’t.  His handling of Randy Moss may have been most critical in his job loss.

Outlook: One experience as HC, older coach, age 55, offensive mind, QB friendly. Rank 4 of 10.

Marty Schottenheimer- Not much needs to be said about Marty, a run oriented coach with 200 wins on his resume, but a lack of playoff success has followed him around the league. Winning has also followed him, from Cleveland, to Kansas City,   one year as Redskins coach with an 8-8 record before being fired for Steve Spurier who was a huge failure, then San Diego from 02-06. He was fired after the 14-2 2006 season when he lost in the second round to New England by three points. His teams go to the playoffs, his teams win during the regular season, his teams run the ball. He is the most consistant coach looked at.

Outlook: Most experienced, Proven winner, Run oriented, age 68, retread. Rank 7.5 of 10

Wade Philips: He will interview today, and has been around the NFL for some time, with varying success. Long history of coaching, assistant under dad Bum Phillips at New Orleans in early 80s, DC of Phily, DC of Denver, then HC of Broncos from 94-94. DC of Buffalo then head coach in 98-2000. DC of Atlanta 02-03 and DC of Chargers from 04-06 overlapping with Schottenheimer.

Became HC of Cowboys in 2007 and remained until let go by Dallas in 2010 midseason. Philps has made himself known again by taking a 30th ranked Houston Defense running a 4-3, converting it to a 3-4 by converting lineman Mario Williams, then going #2 in defense, with Williams on the sideline with injuries since week 5!

Outlook: Older, experienced, retread. Defensive (3-4 only), Age 64. Rank 4.5 of 10.

Whats next? The Bucs show no signs that Philips will be the last interview. Tampa Bay will continue to interview, perhaps talking to a new genre of coaches, that will present the club with new options the prior list has provided. 


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