Who do we want to coach the Bucs?

Lets go over the top mentioned coaching prospect for Tampa Bay and weight in on the positives and negatives.

First of all, lets dismiss Jon Gruden and Tony Dungy. They are not coming back, they are not even going back to coaching.
Also, get rid of two myths right off the bat…

1)Bucs wont pay money for a coach. Jon Gruden cost an arm and a leg, and they paid it. 
2) Tampa Bay gig is not attractive for a top HC. Are you kidding? Best headquarters in the league?? Its a palace for goodness sake! Florida, no state sales tax, great weather, nice stadium. A lot of quality players with potential already. 

So lets do it… Experienced retreads first..

Bill Cowher- Has said he is not going to coach in 2012. Ive softened my stance on Cowher, he would be a good coach in Tampa Bay, but I dont think the Bucs should get a retread.

Brian Billick- Has said no team can afford me. Don’t buy the Bucs are cheap. But Billick is an offensive minded coach, yet offense wasnt the strong suite for the Ravens, defense was, and his coordinators are now coaching in the NFL.

Herm Edwards- Yeah he knows the old Tampa Bay way, but isnt it time to move past that already? Plus Edwards was fired twice! The Jets, and KC, and neither time did he really impress. Still, we know Edwards is a good coach, maybe this is the perfect situation for him?? 

Richard Juron- No way..too many chances.

Cam Cameron- Id love him as offensive coordinator, but remember Miami’s horrible season that led to Parcells taking over? I mean theres only so many times Parcells can decline us!

Marty Mornhinweg-  He was a fall guy for the worst organization at the time, the Detroit Lions of the mid 2000s. The guy has offense written all over him, a West Coast guru, he’d have Josh Freeman in the right frame of mind. Marty would make me a happy Bucs fan…but that stain of Detroit is still all over him. Can you get over that??

Norv Turner- This coach IS an offensive genius, but unless you hire him only as an offensive coordinator, he has a horrible record as a head coach. 48-31 at San Diego is his best, 9-23 at Oakland, 49-59-1 at Washington. OC ONLY…just like,,,

Mike Martz- Although Martz had success as a HC with the Rams. This may be an offensive guy who could be a better HC than a coordinator. But will he be fired at Chicago? Imagine him as OC with Steve Spagnulo?

Jeff Fisher- This sounds like the leader, at this time, but Fisher it seems is starting a bidding war. He’s got the Rams, Dolphins, looking too. Fisher is a good coach, and would be a good coach here in Tampa Bay. But I still feel a retread is not the long term answer. And the Glazers have said they wont make a pick just to sell seats. They will pick to win first, because winning sells more tickets. 
Mike Sherman- He couldnt discipline college kids, hes not the right fit for this situation right now. He did win with Green Bay though, and won games in the playoffs too. If he learned his lessons….

Mike Mularkey- Probably the most qualified coaching candidate that I dont want to see here for some reason. He knows offense, but he failed at Buffalo, although he didnt have the talent to win there, and still only went 14-18 without talent. If Mularkey is hired, a lot of people will be upset. I wont be, I think he will be a good coach, and even be a good coach here, but there is something uneasy about Mularkey as HC. 

Scott Linehan- Didnt get a fair shot as HC of the Rams, but Id be more inclined to hire the guy who replaced him as interim coach….

Jim Haslett- He was wrongly fired as coach of the Saints when they lost the year of Katrina. He had the Saints playing good defense, and he is a very very good defensive coordinator. I would be very pleased to hear Haslett was hired as HC. Still, there was that gig with the Rams…

Dom Capers-  I guess he could be ok. I guess his past checks out good, the old past. He built the Carolina Panthers up from scratch, with free agency. So he can get a newer team together quick. Thats a plus. He worked under the Steelers regime, and was part of the Saints great defensees of the 80s. Lately after Miami, he has a year with Pats and 3 with Green Bay. But Green Bay’s defense is worse than ours in some ways. So which Capers do you get?

Mike Nolan- Another retread who coached the 49ers when they werent that good. Was D coordinator at Denver, and Miami. He was more famous for being DC with Baltimore from 02-04.  Sorry, not good enough. Besides, I dont want to see a suit on the sideline at Ray Jay.

Mike Zimmer- Assistant with the Cowboys during their 90s heyday, and in 2003 had Dallas giving up fewest yards with his speedy 4-3. Thats what we have! Became DC at Atlanta when Petrino became coach. In 08 he went to Cincinnati to be their DC. OF course this year Zimmer is doing it. He may be the guy who does not have a HC resume who can be a coach for the first time with the Bucs.

Rob Cudzinski- OC of the Panthers who has done wonders with Cam Newton. But did Cam make Rob, or Rob make Cam? He coached TEs at San DIego…CHECK. Coached at UM….can handle attitudes…check. Id be ok with this one!

Chip Kelly- Will Kelly try to bring the spread? or will he conform to NFL conformity??

Mike McCoy-  OC of Denver, worked with Tebow. Good enough to be a coach though?

Joe Philbin-  Packer Offensive Coordinator. All that needs to be said right?? This guy has the experience, he has moved up from Assitant OL coach in 2003 to TE coach, OL coach in 06, to OC in 2007. He worked with Favre too. ALL with Green Bay. I would take Philbin in a heart beat!

Former Bucs coaches mentioned above are not really attractive, but what about Rich Bisaccia? The Special Teams coach has a resume to do the job. But Bucs fans may not be too into him.


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