Bucstop.com’s Mt. Rushmore Tampa Bay Buccaneers list

Mike Florio is a genius, stirring up Pro Football Passions in June when its the absolute dead time! So we will dig in with it!

My Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mt. Rushmore would be…

Lee Roy Selmon

Derrick Brooks

Ronde Barber

Mike Alstott


Lee Roy Selmon was the first Bucs player ever picked. He was the first Buc in the Hall of Fame (still is for another month or so). 

Derrick Brooks Will be in the HOF next year, you can bet that. He was Bucs Defensive player of the year in 2002, and cemented the Bucs Super Bowl. 

Ronde Barber was drafted the first year of Pewter, and has the Bucs record for most games started. 

Mike Alstott has almost double the number of TDs of any other Buc player.

You can make a case for a bunch of others, But all four of these guys have one thing in common, (well more than one, but one important feature Im getting at)…they are lifetime Bucs. They never wore another uniform, ever.

Warren Sapp did. Sure he's headed to the HOF, and I like Sapp, but Google Warren Sapp…and you get photos of him as a Raider, and on NFL network. Ditto with John Lynch. Go ahead and google my 4 pics, and youll see them as Buccaneers. …and in my opinion, thats what this should be about. Who do you identify the Bucs with??



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