Bucstop Presents…YOU MAKE THE CALL! Would This Keyshawn TD be a Touchdown in 2013?


Call it a remake of Alcoa presents…you make the call!

Over the course of time, NFL rules change. But more than that, even rules that stay the same, are sometimes interpreted differently as time goes by. Take for example, what is a reception? 

The Bucs have been at the heart of this rule, the Bert Emanuel Rule brought on from the 1999 NFC Championship game where Bert Emanuel went to the ground and the ball slightly touched the ground, but in his grasp. Back then, it was NOT a catch…Now..it is. 

Over the last several seasons, a catch is being ruled a non-catch if the ball comes out. 

So watch this Keyshawn Johnson TD from 2001 win over Detroit at Raymond James stadium. It was ruled a Touchdown at the time. But Keyshawn does not keep the ball in his hands, he releases it shortly after coming to the ground. Did he release it late enough? Or would a referee today rule thats an incomplete pass? 

Woud it still be ruled a Touchdown today? YOU MAKE THE CALL!



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