Darrelle Reavis Acquisition puts Nail in the “cheap Glazer” coffin

Let it be put to rest. Lay it down with Manchester United ownership put it right next to the Bucs spending too much time in London. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers ownership is back to their heyday in terms of commitment to putting a winner on the field.

Last year, Tampa Bay went out and spent big money on a pro bowl left guard, and one of the best wide receivers in the game. This year, the Bucs are putting their 2nd and 3rd defensive back free agent on the field in two years.

One year after finishing with the second worst pass defense in NFL history, the Bucs replaced half of their secondary with top tier name brand talent. Last season, the Bucs tired of being known as an offensively inept franchise, and shattered franchise records in that category.

If your feeling like its 1999, its not because your partying like a Prince song. The Bucs are spending money on big name free agents like they did in the days of Dungy and Gruden, the days of the last and only Super Bowl championship.

Call it a factor of amazing irony, but a 2000 offseason trade with the NY Jets brought wide receiver Keshawn Johnson to the Bucs along with other Free Agents the Bucs went out and got to augment their playoff caliber squad.

The NFL is giving the Bucs respect, they have scheduled a Monday Night Football appearance upcoming for the 2013 season, a game against the Miami Dolphins. Normally you have to have a winning season to get a prime time game on Monday. The Bucs have something else the NFL wants to see…. An offense.

When did you think you would hear those words? But its true, the Bucs will be returning two pro bowl guards next year, and bringing back an amazingly talented running back the NFL wants to see.

So if defense is your cup of tea, get ready; Reavis will team with new safety Deshon Golston in giving opposing offenses something to game plan against the Bucs for the first time since Brooks, Lynch and Sapp were names in the Bucs locker room.

How much of these new Bucs will be remembered like those heroes of Bucs Sundays gone by? Stay Tuned!


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