Day 2 of Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft provides more shock for fans, weapons too.

Big, Fast, and hands of a WR. You'll see him and Martin every play.

Big, Fast, and hands of a WR. You’ll see him and Martin every play.

If I had to pick from 24 of the 24 positions on a football team (I’m counting kickers) I would have probably picked a punter and Placekicker ahead of Running Back as far as what position the Bucs would draft in round 3.

Judging from reactions, I’m not alone. Bucs fans are stunned that L&L took Charles Sims, a 6’4 214 pound back who is being compared to Matt Forte.

But there is a reason every pro scout, pro analyst, everyone who knows what they are talking about, says “Take the best player, don’t take for position of need”.

No the Bucs didn’t NEED a running back, but they got one hell of one. We went from having One starting quality running back and two very good backups, to two starting caliber backs and two very good back ups. Now you could trade Rainey for a 4th round pick if you want, not bad for a guy you picked up on waivers last year.

I’ve even heard Bucs fans chime about Tight End, as if going out and getting

The next Jimmy Giles?

The next Jimmy Giles?

Myers from the Giants was the answer. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins (can’t wait to see that new jersey) is another 6’5″ish (+) target for Bucs QB Josh McCown. The fact that he weighs 262 pounds and can produce separation from defensive players with his speed not to mention his blocking ability means the Bucs may finally have a legitimate Tight End threat for the first time since Jimmy Giles who sits on the Ring of Honor at RayJay.

Giles could catch the ball and outrun DBs to the end zone, while still block and create holes in the running game. Sefarian-Jenkins does that too. McCown now has 6’5″ Vjax, 6’5″ Evans and 6’5″ Sefarian-Jenkins (Ok thats the last time I type his name) to throw too. How many teams in the NFC South, or the NFC, or the NFL for that matter, have 2 or 3 6’5 DBs on their team. There will be mismatches, and Tedford is known for exploiting them.

The Fact the Bucs did not select ANY defensive plays says two things about Lovie Smith:

1)He has learned from his mistakes in life, and understands offense has always been his Achilles Heel, and like Tony Dungy going from Tampa to Indianapolis, Lovie is changing his approach.

2)Lovie basically thinks Greg Schiano was a Putz of a defensive guy. The fact the Bucs did not address defensive players in the draft, and that only 3 defensive players were brought in total (one to replace corner Revis), Lovie basically is saying Schiano’s system was the reason the Bucs system stunk, and that Lovie feels he can fix the Defense with the same players on the field.

This is nothing new, Warren Sapp basically came out and has said this already. Sapp has said not to worry about DE’s Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers, they will be fine. It was Schiano and his schemes that weren’t working. When I asked Bucs DE Steve White if the defense was a talent thing or a Schiano thing, his response was two words. “Schiano Thing”.

Now Lovie is doing his ‘Thing’ to the Bucs offense, and defense.


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