Noticeable Improvement for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Loss to Miami

There was Running room; some of the time.

The QB had time to throw; some of the time.

Bucs fans can rest a little easier, call into their favorite sports programs a little less this week, as 60 minutes of  time went by, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed a marked improvement over their Week 1 Preseason disaster.

Insistant on starting his veteran guards, Lovie Smith went back to Oniel Cousins at left guard and running back Doug Martin found some running room.

Josh McCown threw a nice TD pass. Given enough time, McCown is very capable of running a top ten offense: and you know we haven’t seen anything just yet from Tedford’s offense.

Somewhere, I heard a clip where Warren Sapp said Gerald McCoy was better or faster than Sapp. He wasn’t lying. I don’t remember Sapp ever being this dominant, he was a one man wrecking crew. Constantly in Miami’s backfield, if Sapp doesn’t break the streak of non-double digit sackers in Tampa Bay, its only because someone else is beating him to it   because McCoy is so double-teamed.


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