OJ Howard’s ‘Harlem Globetrotters’ rec. attempt/benching/Brateness, shows why TE is dead end play for Bucs grinders.

Nov 17, 2019; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Medolark aka O.J. Howard (80) juggles a pass against New Orleans Saints free safety Marcus Williams (43) Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Why has the TE position been a dead end for Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year? Is it because Bruce Arians system doesn’t involve the tight end? NO, he didn’t have one worth a spit (trademark BigDog, we miss ya) . Is it because OJ Howard has to be kept in to block? NO, PFF.com will show you the numbers of snaps he stays in to Block.

But after a ball thrown slightly behind him (to be honest) but still catchable, Howards gaff that was a big difference early on in the game, Cameron Brate comes in full times and has a typical receiving game. Brate may be the missing slot crossing target gone since Bucs let WR Adam Humphries go last year. Time will tellĀ .

One thing is for sure; OJ Howard is not an Arians type of Tight End. Here we go with why its not good to change coaches every three years. No Continuity, you inherit a team of someone else’s players. This is why every team with a Head Coach more than 5 years, is always a winning football team.

All the excuses were hearing from Bucs fans, Arians isn’t calling the plays, (so what, top 5 scoring offense) Jameis Winston sucks (see last excuse breaker, and good luck with any QB free agent) are all Bull Spit (RIP SD). stop firing your staff after 3 years.

Buccaneers Offensive line is just that, Offensive. (Trademark John McKay)

No kidding, this really happened, asked by a reporter about his teams execution, McKay responded he was all for it. Bucs very first head coach John McKay was full of witty remarks, check them out in article today. His USC Trojan and Bucs teams were built around strong O Line running games.

Jameis Winston gave everything he had. Anyone who doesn’t like Winston, or thinks he half-asses anything, watch the last few minutes of the game. I don’t see many Quarterbacks who give it all when the game REALLY truly isn’t that winnable. Jameis doesn’t quit, and linebacker extrodinaire turned Fox Color man Chris Speilman called it out; he’s the first one in the door, and last one out the door. Thats why he is a leader of this team, and why the team respects him. The dude is 25 years old, he has 5 years in.. so what. he has another 15 years to play before he’s Drew Brees age.

He has a lot of turnovers. Peyton Manning had more. I don’t want to hear about it. Before you even think of moving on from Winston……

  1. you build an offensive line in front of him like the Colts did.
  2. you build an offensive line in front of him like the Texans and Giants are learning to do (in addition to the Colts.
  3. you build an offensive line in front of him like Aaron Rogers has, like Ben Roethisburger had, like Tom Brady has. The championship teams know that the big splashy name stars on the outside, can’t do anything if the play can’t develop from the inside.

Find me a game Winston has had since he was drafted by the Bucs that he has had time to let a play develop? He hasn’t.

The foundation is there.

Ali Marpet

Jensen at Center

QUESTION MARKS IN TWO PLACES: Left Tackle and Right Guard

Is Kappa right guard material? is he starting material?

Is Donovan Smith Left Guard material? Probably not, but newsflash: The NFL has a SHORTAGE OF GOOD LEFT TACKLES.

Right Tackle Demar Dotson. Sorry Demar, your a good guy, and you got screwed by the Bucs… but they made it up to you and hopefully they send you off at the end of the year with heroes farewell and good compensation package. Longest Tenured BUC.. Demar Dotson played from Raheem Morris’ first season in 2009.

Pewter Report doesn’t see the answer to their own question, RE: Jason Licht

I was listening to Pewter Nation podcast super early this morning as I do Mondays as they are the first of my podcasts to hit by 5am on Monday (Kudos to PR.com for always having a podcast available to listen to so early Mondays!).

Near the end the point was being made that basically Jason Licht can’t draft, that his top draft picks are nowhere to be found on Sundays, and then the debate and discussion went to what will happen to Arians if Licht is fired. It seemed like no one came up with the idea that maybe Jason Licht was signed to a 5 year extension matching the HC Bruce Arians contract because ARIANS is the one doing the player moves, and Licht is the contract guy; the one who inks the contracts, manipulates the salary cap, makes the bonuses work, but doesn’t serve as really anything more than a glorified assistant.

We know Jason Licht track record by now, so have you looked to see how many 2019 Bucs draft picks are playing/starting right now? SIX of EIGHT picks are… that’s as many as the first 4 entire seasons that Licht drafted!!

2014 Mike Evans. 2018 Devin White

2015 Jameis Winston 2018 Sean Bunting

2015 Donovan Smith 2018 Jamel Dean

2015 Ali Marpet 2018 Mike Edwards

2017 O.J. Howard (Benched 4 Brate) 2018 Scotty Miller

2016 0 (Zero) 2018 Matt Gay

2017 Chris Godwin

Lets be honest here, we don’t know the full story on a lot of these players; Jamel Dean may become an incredible DB… all of these guys may.

Want some evidence this is Arians drafting and not Licht? Arians was quoted “When you draft an Offensive Lineman, you’re drafting him for the next coach.” Bucs didn’t draft an O lineman this year, even though it was a need. However Licht has drafted an O Lineman in 2018 (Kappa) 2016 (Benenoch) 2015 (Smith and Marpet) and ’14 (Edwards, Pamphile). Basically every year then suddenly, with need at Guard, Tackle, Center, depth… nada. Why? Because Papa Arians said No! Hopefully some free agency help on the O line and in the secondary (veteran presence).