Odds good that Two Bucs make it into Hall of Fame

Derrick Brooks is a lock for the Hall of Fame, but going in on the buddy plan could prove a little more difficult. 

Tony Dungy and John Lynch also made it to the final round; Dungy for the first time, Lynch was eliminated in his first year last season at this time at this point so he is gaining steam.

What a Hall of Fame it would be if two Bucs get in; imagine all three? The odds are toughest for Safety John Lynch; there are only 9 safeties in the entire Hall of Fame and Ronnie Lott played corner most of his career. Still, the advantage Lynch and Dungy have is their continued exposure on the TV screen. Dungy is on the NBC football night show Sunday Nights before the late game, and Lynch is an announcer for Fox and is heard regularly on Sundays. 

Lynch, 42, was a 9 time pro bowler going 4 times of that with the Broncos; all 4 years he was in Denver. To me the one thing that hurts Lynch is the amount of Touchdowns Lynch scored as a Buc: Zero. But its not the Touchdown HOF is it?

Dungy has at least a 50/50 shot this year, recognized for his turning around of the Bucs and being the first African-American coach to win a SuperBowl. I think its no doubt that all three will get in one day, but when is the bigger question.

On a side note- In celebration of all the old Bucs talk and hiring of Lovie Smith and former Bucs coming back, This website will attempt to put the first ever win for Tony Dungy- 1996 Vikings at Bucs, full game for viewing this weekend.


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