photo credit belongs to Tampa Bay Times and [MARK LOMOGLIO | AP]

They are starting to develop a name for themselves; the Bruise Brothers. Given no doubt because they inflict pain on their opponents, and I’m sure also because these are NO diva WRs and block during running plays.

Bucs QB Jameis Winston can pick his poison, hit Evans all day long like he did vs the Giants, or target Godwin every Sunday pass like Carolina and Rams game. These are elite corners the Bucs go up against (Rams, not the Giants. Would never call the Giants corners elite) but fact is Mike Evans simply catches everything thrown to him, or at least 95%, while Godwin really does catch everything tossed in his direction.

Which player to play during fantasy? well for year long, if you have one of these guys you have to run whomever you have in your lineup each week. For DFS, in GPP tournaments, play the one who DIDNT GO OFF LAST WEEK (Evans in week 5) because Godwin will certainly be chalky (highly owned).

As we transition from a Bucs website to a Bucks $$$ website, well throw in glossary for terms to get the newer fan!

THIS WEEK- I don’t think either one will smash, neither one will crash either; I see Evans getting a TD and possibly Godwin too, but Bucs taking a lead then running the ball with Jones and Barber.

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