Another sign Jameis Winston is due for positive numbers

Big numbers were not elusive for Winston in years 1 and 2.

Scott Barrett (@scottBarrettDFB) shows us a statistic for Quarterbacks from 2016-2018 that is a little interesting for Jameis Winston fans/haters.

Has to do with the % of passing yards that a QB had, which came AFTER the catch. In other words, how much did YAC affect a given QB.

Matthew Stafford had 51% of his yards come from after the catch. That tied with Blake Bortles. Alex Smith and Eli Manning took up the tie for 3rd and 4th 1% point behind. (50%)

Down at the bottom, Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck are at 41%.

Coming in DEAD LAST, Jameis Winston, whose WRs gave him only 34% of his yards after the catch.

We know Mike Evans is NOT a YAC type of catcher, but what if Winston’s 2019 WRs are? A 10% jump would put Winston in rare company in Bucs history. Sure hope they don’t Doug Williams him.

Of course, no Buccaneers QB ever drafted has EVER been given a 2nd contract yet. 2019 would be a good time.