Glazers will have nowhere to look but themselves if losses pile up now.

The Glazers, standing introducing heat another Head Coach to the Tampa Bay faithful. Only this Mystery coach signifies the unknown in hiring another HC.
5 head coaches in the 11 years since Gruden was fired, each a reactionary response to last.

Malcolm Glazer was head of the team when the Bucs took a chance on defensive coordinator Tony Dungy who had been passed up countless times for a head coach, mostly because he was black in what was at the time a white coaching league.

All Tony Dungy did was win where so many 9-7 seasons were met with a firing, and his replacement, Jon Gruden, was also fired after a pair of 9-7 seasons.

Since then, 4 of the 5 next coaches were hired as simply reactionary measures to the last. Raheem Morris’ youth would be countered by

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