Glazers will have nowhere to look but themselves if losses pile up now.

Greg Sciano’s (over) discipline oriented system, which was countered by Lovie Smith’s (over) familiarity, Dirk Koetter which represented a continuance with the offense and Jameis Winston, but was a coach so late in life without HEAD coaching experience. Finally the Glazers hired a great football mind and coach in Bruce Arians, whose “shoot from the hip” style rubbed many the wrong way and was passed up for HC duties until he took over as interim coach in Indianapolis and excelled.

The Glazers have to face facts, they have made horrible hires. They do some things right, as they stay out of the way to let the football people do their thing. That doesn’t produce wins however if the football people that be don’t have what it takes. It’s great your not Jerry Jones sticking your nose in everywhere, but give Jerry credit, Jerry knows football.

The Glazers need to hire a good football mind to do all hiring and be responsible for all football decisions. The Glazers aren’t Cheap, nor are they not dedicated to winning as many claim on both sides of the pond (Glazers own Manchester United whose fans are frustrated with losing too). The problem is the Glazers hire the best MANAGER for the job, is if they were hiring the next Houlihans GM. Thats not the way successful NFL operations exist..

Unlike the #LoveUnitedHateGlazer hashtag that’s been trending of late, Im not calling for the G-men’s heads. But maybe they need to take a hard look at things; maybe they’re not cut out to be sports franchise owners. Or maybe, just maybe, like so many of us, were not cut out of the same cloth as our fathers.

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