How bad was coaching for the last few years?

Mike Smith; teams not tough enough

Under the heyday of Buccaneers football, DC Monte Kiffin would preach all 11 Bucs running to the ball. NO LOAFING was the sign, preached by Tony Dungy and Kiffin.

That ideology was lost after 2008, and it shows in the W/L column and defensive statistics. Last year the Bucs were in the bottom 10 in defense, the year prior the worst defense in the NFL. 10th worse the year before that.. HC Lovie Smith’s Bucs were the 10th ranked defense in 2015 his last year, improving from another bottom feeding year before. Greg Schiano’s last season and Raheem Morris’ 2nd are the only middle of the road finishes for a once proud defense that ranked in top 10 or top 5 annually from 1996-2005.

Last season, once DC Mike Smith was fired, the defense improved leaps and bounds. It was reported on that Smith at one point called the same defensive play for 27 plays in a row! Where was the coaching?

Its a tough question to ask of someone who never coached before. Dirk Koetter was hired because of his familiarity with Jameis Winston, Bucs QB who for some strange reason is beleaguered from Bucs fans after one disappointing season. Something tells me thats about to change.

Unlike every previous Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach in HISTORY, the Bucs have brought in a proven winner to lead the franchise out of an 11 year playoff drought… and he has proven it more than once.

Bucco Bruce as he is now know around these parts, brings back a winning mentality, which is done by getting rid of a losing mentality. Talent will get you so far in the NFL, but getting the most out of that talent, well, that never gets old.

Even the Bucs O line looked invigorated Friday night when it played the Steelers, and perhaps a test vs the Dolphins will be more formidable.

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