A Few Less Chances under Greg Schiano

It would seem Eric Wright didn't take the Bucs front office seriously. 

If "Toes on the Line" was anything, it was a message; Don't test Schiano's resolve. 

In further proof these are not the same old Bucs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers released CB Wright a week after a DUI in California, and you get the feeling if his position was anything except cornerback, he wouldnt have lasted this long.

But this isnt the first time the Bucs are showing "You Play for US" mentality. Aqib Talib, uncountable events. 


Kellen Winslow…


If anyone woke up this morning with a smile on his face, it was rookie Jonathan Banks, CB who looks to have a good shot at starting vs the Jets across from Revis.

Wonder what chatter will be like on the field.


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