Bucs face Dolphins new Uniforms

This Saturday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face Miami for the first time in their new uniforms…..a throwback to the teal of the 70s, with an all new logo that is less "Flipper" like.

The Dolphin is more of an in motion mammal as opposed to the older uniforms which had a dolphin logo that was more in the motion of jumping.

Over time, the Dolphins Teal got darker and more futuristic, and for the first time, Miami will sport uniforms closer in color to the Bob Greise days than the Dan Marino ones.


The Bucs have only had 4 major uniform designs, three variations in Orange, and the current Red and Pewter, which occassionally will find the Bucs wearing Red and White. 

The original 1976 Bucs wore Orange Numerals on their white jerseys when they wore them on the road. After 1976 the numerals changed to Red with Orange trim. The Home uniform was always an orange top with White numerals and white pants.  In 1992 under new coach Sam Wyche, the Bucs went to an Orange Pants with White tops. 


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