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Greg Danchik writes for The and is back again for Week 2 of the Fantasy Corner.

 Ok Bucstoppers…Let’s revisit some of my predictions….

 My bold prediction was not entirely correct as EJ Manuel did not have the type of day I was predicting. However, he was able to make a 4th quarter comeback, fueled by a pass interference by Luke Kechley. I would give this prediction a 50% as I got the Bills win right, but Manuel didn’t perform as I expected. My surprising stud was Alshon Jeffery. He had a poor day with only 1 catch for 11 yards. However, he did have 30 yards rushing which helped turn his horrible game into a really bad fantasy game. The actual surprising stud would have to be Giovani Bernard. He looked very impressive Monday night in the Bengals 20 point victory. He scored the only two touchdowns for the team and looked explosive while doing it. I would say that this game permanently boosts his fantasy value and the Law Firm’s fantasy value has quickly disappeared. The one prediction I did get right was the Anquan Boldin prediction. With only 1 catch for 7 yards, he managed zero points in a non-PPR league. I told you to stay away because of Seattle’s incredible home field advantage and defense, and hopefully you did. Now for my look ahead to Week 3.


Surprising Stud(s) – Cardinals Running Backs

The Saints’ running defense is not good. They are ranked 27th against the run, but have managed to be the 8th best pass defense even though they played the Falcons in Week 1. With Larry Fitzgerald struggling with a hamstring injury, the Cardinals are going to have to look towards their running backs for some offensive production. Mendenhall is nothing special out of the backfield, but he is the starter and should get you good fantasy points this year. He could also put up a touchdown if the Cardinals have any possessions deep in the redzone. If you are in a really deep, I would also look at Andre Ellington. He only got 6 touches last week, but he managed to score on a pass out of the backfield. I would look for the Cardinals to continue to look at him as he is the most explosive player they have in the running attack. This could be the week is dominates.

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Disappointing Dud – DeMarco Murray

The Cowboys’ starting running back was solid in Week 1, but disappointed in Week 2. I would expect another disappointment come Week 3. St. Louis is one of the better teams against the run so far, ranking in the top 10. They were also touted as one of the better defenses coming into this year. However, the Rams’ pass defense has been very suspect this year giving up 374 yards to Matty Ice and 327 to Carson Palmer. I would expect the Cowboys to exploit that weakness for a couple reasons. The have the second best wide receiver in the game, Dez Bryant, and a quarterback that just got paid and will throw until his arm falls off if he has to. The Cowboys also aren’t a great team and I would suspect a Rams’ lead throughout most of the game. This also means that Romo will be chucking the ball all over the field and not turning around and handing the ball off. I would bench Murray if you have a reasonable RB3 to start over him.

Bold Prediction

Matt Ryan absolutely explodes for 400 yards and a couple touchdown passes against the Dolphins, but will get sacked a ton. The loss of Steven Jackson will hurt the team, not Ryan’s fantasy numbers, and cost the Falcons a win late as the Dolphins start 3-0.



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