Five Years In, 2009 Draft Officially a total Bust

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans came into 2013 hoping QB Josh Freeman would be over his roller coaster demons. That's not the case, and Freeman is probably due to have a big game as he had two down ones in the last two weeks.

But all that means is Josh Freeman is doing nothing to help himself out for his future in Tampa Bay. Its quite obvious based on the FACTS of this situation, that the last 5 years Josh Freeman's game has really not improved much at all. 

Yes he is young, yes there is upside, but as each year goes by, the roller coaster ride that is Josh Freeman's career is still the same thing…and this has to get marked down as yet another                                                                                                       Mark Dominik/ Raheem Morris flop draft pick. And this one probably falls square in the lap of Morris, who was on the squad with Freeman at K-state. But if things continue as expected, this year will mark the end of the Josh Freeman era, and Josh Freeman is the LAST PLAYER from the Bucs 2009 draft left on the roster. 

The second round pick was sent for Kellen Winslow, who was let go by the new administration. Roy Miller was part of the top rank defense against the run last year, but was allowed to leave via Free Aganecy. 

Sammie Stroughter had such promise, but he is gone too. E.J. Biggers is playing for Raheem Morris in the Redskins' secondary. 

By the 5th year, your top draft picks should be producing as they should be in the prime of their careers. Instead, the Bucs have had to spend money in free agency because their drafts under Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik have been complete flops. 

So the future of the QB situation in Tampa Bay will now have to be adressed by either Free Agency or the Draft, and that could depend on how the Bucs do this year and what position the Bucs draft based on their performace.

The irony of that is immense: because once again, the performance of Josh Freeman at QB will have a direct affect on where the Bucs pick in the draft next year.              

Note: Thanks to Bucpower.com for use of photo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


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