For Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Win this week or Bust.

By now, even the most die-hard Bucs fan must realize that a winning season and the playoffs are beyond a pipe-dream, that they are actually signs of serious mental illness that should be looked at by a professional. (Anyone who wants to join me, there are 3 open spots left in our group!)

The side out there that wants the Bucs to lose so they can get a high draft pick, probably doesn’t need to worry, as each week the opposing side has less and less of a point to make.

But if you want the Bucs to at least get a win soon, get ready, because this is the best chance for a month against the Atlanta Falcons. Picked by many to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, people forgot that Atlanta gave up a lot of players during their offseason, including guys off the defense like Brent Grimes and Jon Abraham.

Add to that the losses this year to injury, and an offensive line that features Jeremy Trueblood anchored on the left tackle spot of the O line, well you have an Atlanta team that is 1-4 and very beatable.

Problem is, the Bucs are very beatable too, and Atlanta is saying this very same thing. But if the Bucs don’t manage to squeeze out a big W in the ATL next week; the scene gets kind of ugly from here on out.

Coming up Thursday, after only 4 days of rest, the Bucs will have to host the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football national TV audience on the NFL Network.  Carolina has the #3 defense in the NFL; with 4 days of rest.  On the other side of the coin, the Bucs will have 10 days to rest up before traveling to Seattle, where they will have to take on one of the best defenses in the NFL as well as the 12th man.

Then, with yet another extra days rest, the Bucs play the next Monday Night on MNF at home against the Miami Dolphins. Miami is improved, and while statistically they are only a couple spots ahead of the Bucs in offense and Defense, they are armed with Mike Wallace who has hurt the Bucs before, and Ryan Tannehill is currently the 12th ranked QB in the league.

You may say that MNF game could be a good shot at a win too, and perhaps it is. The Bucs should take advantage of it though, because after that and another home game, this time vs the Falcons. The Bucs will have to take on the Lions and Panthers again on the road, before taking on the Bill and 49ers at Raymond James Stadium.

Looking ahead, you can only see small handful of games that are winnable for the Bucs, how they do in those games, and the rest of the year, will have a big say in what happens to Bucs Head Coach Greg Schiano. 


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