It was nice to win for a change

You're hearing both sides of the spectrum today in the first Bucs "Post Win" in almost a year over a team that needed a win as bad as the Bucs did. I don't count preseason games, nor do I count the @Atlanta game week 17 last year even though Atlanta was playing its starters, they did not need the win, they were already in the playoffs. 

You've got the Negative Nancys who point out we didnt beat anyone, and the other end that may think this was the Bucs turn around game that will propell them into the next superbowl team.

You did see who the defensive coordinator was right? Its still Sheridan. He is still trying to stunt rush Clayborn AROUND McCoy, and that caught the attention of Jon Gruden. 

There is still Greg Schiano on the sideline, who yes, is easing up a bit. But when he tried to give a pep talk at the 2:00 warning of the game needing the defense to make a stop, it was Linebacker extrodinnaire Levonte David who interupted and said " Enough of this…lets finish this"!!. The next two plays were Bucs sacks.

It was still Mike Glennon at QB, who is servicable, and you like the kid because he plays smart, plays with heart, does some smart things, but just does not have what it takes to be a franchise QB in the NFL. His deep passes were a joke, and only Pass Interference helps Glennon out. You cant count on PI in the NFL all the time. 

Still, this was a win, and you liked cheered it, you forgot all about the 2014 draft didn't you? The Bucs have two more winnable games, and probably will win 2 more games but more than likely will win one of the winnable ones then lose the other. The Bucs will probably take out one team they shouldnt too, but 3 wins should get the Bucs the draft pick they need to acquire one of the top three QBs. 

Jacksonville with Henne at QB is not that bad of a team, and the Bucs do have the talent to compete but just dont have the right guys at the right place in crunchtime to win. You cannot win with only one NFL wide receiver. There is not another one on the roster. I've never seen the Bucs so absent of talent at the Wide Receiver position. There was only Jackson and Williams this year, and with Mike Williams on IR the rest of the year, the Bucs cannot effectively move the ball with Tiquan Underwood as a WR.

It was nice to see the Bucs run the ball, but make no mistake, its not so much the running backs as it is the Offensive Line doing its job well the last two games. Davin Joseph seems to be getting his groove back, and I hope the Bucs do not try to bring back Carl Nicks, as there is nothing to gain by bringing him back at this stage. He will need time to get back into playing shape, look how long it took Joseph?? Much like it would have served no purpose to bring back Martin, same with Nicks. Let him heal up good.

Then there are a lot of signs that the Bucs talent could have a good team for a new coach to take over. Mark Barron has shown signs he could be the Safety the Bucs have missed since 2003. Lavonte David is just a monster, he is destroying everything in his way. 

Its hard to measure the Bucs defensive line with all the stupid stuff the Bucs are trying with our DC, But Gerald McCoy looks good. On offense, the Bucs will have a nice two punch running attack with Mike James and Doug Martin.

The scary thing these days is the backlash of wanting to get rid of the coach so early in the season, that now Schiano is actualy getting sympathy and a surprising number of people think that he can stay as coach next year if the Bucs can go 4-4 in last 8 games.


A 4-12 season is acceptable? I dont want to hear about 'circumstances'…we were supposed to learn as a franchise from Tony Dungy that you dont make excuses or give explanations. We have Mike Glennon as our QB because Schiano put him there.                                                                                        



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