Lack of effort on Offensive Line disturbing

It would be one thing if wide receivers failed to show up, after all, with the exception of Vincent Jackson, they pretty much havnt for the last few months.

We can examine the QB situation, and remember in preseason when we said "If Mike Glennon is playing in the regular season, its a bad situation". This just in…its bad.

But we came into the year with one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. Davin Joseph, Carl Nicks were to form the best Guard duos in the league. Only half has played, and its Josephs worst work as a pro.                

Bobby Rainey was a hot running back in November, oh what a month does for your career. Remember Mike James? It conjures up dreams of what could be next year when Doug Martin returns too. But neither can run without blocking from the offensive line. 

Remember when Damon Meredith was inserted before the Seattle game and it looked like he was the answer to the Bucs blocking problems. He was benched yesterday for Ted Larsen. Jerremy Zuttah has Bucs fans clamoring for the days of John Wade for goodness sake. 

That leads us to Donald Penn. Thank goodness I'm not part of the media responsible for Penn's issues, that would really bother me. And lets not take it to the extreme and say Penn was putrid out there yesterday the whole day, he wasnt. As reported accurateyl by JoeBucsFan.com, Penn won the battle yesterday against Quinn, but in the last two minutes Quinn just embarrassed Penn, and made it look worse than what it really was.

But still, isnt the 4th quarter, or more accurately, two minutes left to go in the 4th quarter,  the time when you DONT want to be embarrased by anyone?

So what will probably happen? 

Donald Penn will probably expect to find some competition next year at his left tackle spot regardless of who his coach will be. 

Carl Nicks is probably damaged goods, a real sad waste. 

Jerremy Zuttah will surely start at Center

Davin Joseph should return full strength. He battled the leg injury, then dealt with infection too.

Demar Dotson is solid at Right Tackle

Then there is the other component of the offensive line that everyone thinks of as a wide reciever more than as a blocker, and thats Tight End. The Bucs have none. Sure Tim Wright was a nice surprise but is he anything more than a backup, third string even, on any other roster on the NFL?

Major Changes need to be made on the Bucs, and we will talk about them all week leading up to Black Monday next week, a day in which this Bucs fan does not expect to see Schiano's name on the list. 


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