Lovie Smith to hire Hardy Nickerson and Tony Sporano


Lovie Smith has been busy busy busy! After hiring OC Jeff Tedford, formerly HC at Cal, and Leslie Frazier, formerly HC at Minnesota Vikings, Smith has reportedly hired former Bucs linebacker Hardy Nickerson to coach the same position. Also being reported, Tony Sporano is coming to more than likely coach the offensive line, although that has not been confirmed. 

Nickerson used to play under Smith in Tampa from 1996-1999 for the Bucs, and he coached linebackers in Chicago under Lovie as well. Sporano is part of a contract entaglement over in Oakland where the assistant coaches are in dispute over whether to get a 1 year or two year deals. Sporano is unhappy over the 1 year offers and is open to coming to Tampa Bay to work for Lovie. 

The actions of Lovie Smith are in contrast to former coach Greg Schiano who no fault of his own was a late hire; and thus took quite some time to shore up his staff. 

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