Mixed Bag of “NUTS” …Tampa Bay Buccaneers starters ‘win’ battle, backups lose the war.

The NFL is investigating the idea that perhaps fans are not happy with the current status of PreSeason football in the NFL. Also, Santa Clause is investigating if children are unhappy with lumps of coal for Christmas.

As disapointing as paying full price for a ticket only to watch starters play for 8-10 snaps, NFL and Bucs fans were elated to be listening to Gene Deckerhoff, or watching firstrowus.eu if you could find the internet feed, for the sheer enjoyment of knowing NFL football is back.

And without fail, the results are a mixed bag of pluses and minuses. 

Bucs 'starters', if you want to consider a starting lineup without Davin Joseph, Carl Nicks, and Darrelle Revis, fared well against the Super Bowl Champions, who also didnt resemble themselves, or at least the Ravens team we last saw with Party Favors on the table.

Over all, some questions were answered, but mostly, more questions were posed than we started with. 

It 's no secret DEPTH is a dirty word at One Buc Place, The Ravens backups laid the Bucs backups to rest early. Sloppy play, especially on special teams led the way for a barrage of Baltimore points once the future Arena Football Hall of Fame players took the field. 

So what did we leave Raymond James Stadium with, besides a gallon of free rain water?

1) Lawrence Tynes should sign onto University of Troy graduate website, and take classes in sports history. Particularly one Wally Pip. Because Derek Dimke kicked his way into a battle at placekicker, and with his tenacity making tackles on special teams, has my attention. Going 3 for 3 including a 45 harder after soaking rain, didn't hurt. Dimke was an 85% kicker at Illinois, if he can kick that good with wider hashmarks….…just watched his tackle to save a TD return replay, again. Inspiring play …in preseason? hmm        

2)Danny Gorrer is going to prevent a simple, basic, easy placement of 2nd round pick Johnthan Banks as starter opposite Darrelle Revis on the depth chart. Banks will probably end up, and you hope he should. But Gorrer in the first qu                                  

3)Chris Owusu should be career planning for the practice squad for 2013. His play as WR is why he should make the squad. Special teams….makes you want him to make SOMEONE ELSES practice squad!

4)Kevin Ogletree has now given Tampa Bay a true legit 3rd WR for the first time since Ike Hilliard. Or was the starter back then, a No. 80, supposed to be the 3rd string WR?  Ogletree took in 5 catches for 65 yards, including a 22 yarder. 

Honorable Mention

Johnthan Banks- Led team with tackles, 5.

Brian Leonard- 6 carries, 23 yards, 13 long, one TD led backs

Mike Glennon- his staying in the pocket long enough to hit TE Crabtree was nice.

Adam Hayward- making a case for those who said a career special teamer has no place on starting linebacker squad.. (Loud Cough…. Shelton Quarles..end loud cough)


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