Move to Mike Glennon smells of desperation: but was needed

You wont have to go far to find someone point out all of Josh Freemans awards last year, I've put them out all too often. But perhaps Josh Freeman has career Bucs marks because he has been the established starter for such a longer period of time than anyone else. 

Bottom line is what happened in 2012 does not matter, nor does 2010. Because in 2013…there is something wrong with Josh Freeman. So wrong, that even the Bucs players, owners, and coaches, have given up on him. And maybe, he gave up on himself before that.

Now with a horrible record, horrible stats, the Bucs are going with Rookie Mike Glennon, who will probably spark the team, but will offer up little more than hope to our franchise.

Yes other 3rd round QB picks are doing well. The Bucs have a good offensive line, and a great running back. We have good wide receivers, and Crabtree should be back at tight end. We all remember that nice long pass to Crabtree in the first preseason game that made Freeman look bad. 

Keep in mind though before you hear too many anti Schiano comments, this move was made by one member of the Bucs ownership group AND the general manager, as well as the head coach. 

The Josh Freeman era is over, and the Bucs season could really take a turn for the worse…or it may heat up. Its going to be an interesting bye week anyway you look at it. 


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