Over-reactions aside, Josh Freeman is still best hope for 2013

It happened at 7:30 pm for those of you with $$ on the line. 

At that time, the first moron came forward and proclaimed the Bucs should bench Josh Freeman and go with Mike Glennon. Lets be clear, if the Bucs do that, we will finish 2-14 and will be drafting another QB in the first round.

There are only 4 or 5 elite QBs in the NFL…and they dont always win SuperBowls. Lets remember, a superbowl was won by Trent Dilfer, Joe Flacco, and Eli Manning, who speaking of Manning, was getting the same kind of complaints as Freeman before that run.

Thats not to say anyone is wrong in criticizing Josh, because he still stares down wide receivers, and looks like a deer in headlights. After week one, I would have to say we are probably seeing the last year with Josh Freeman as Bucs QB. Remember, Trend Dilfer won that SuperBowl, and was cut. If a Coach doesnt feel your part of the solution, he looks at you as part of the problem. 

It was one thing to see Josh shaking his head and acting all frustrated and out of sorts in 2009. It was even ok in 2010. But in year five, its just not acceptable, and the fact the Bucs players did not name him a Captain is now even more telling. 

Even still though, Josh Freeman brought the Bucs down the field when he needed to, and won the game (if not for the final few seconds). Bottom line is Freeman did his job. He may not have done it well, or as good as we would like, but he did the job. Nine times out of ten, the Bucs win that game on the back of Josh's arm in the 4th quarter.

THe other day I did an article showing what opening day games mean to the final outcome of the season….and half the time they are a big indicator, half the time they are really not. I have a hard time thinking this is what we are going to see the rest of the year. 

The O line play is fixable with Nicks and Joseph getting back into playing shape. 

Freeman will continue to throw a bonehead toss here and there, but he will also pull 4 games out this year. He may not be the answer for 2014 and beyond, but he is the answer for 2013. 


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