PLAYERS ONLY MEETING may be sign Josh Freeman screwed out of Captains Position

Sources for the NFL have reported to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that the Bucs players have held a PLAYERS ONLY meeting. 

The full agenda of the meeting is unknown, but according to a source close to the NFL… it included concerns regarding the legitimacy of the vote that resulted in Quarterback Josh Freeman losing the Captain's "C" from his jersey.

Bucs had no comment.

So what happened? Obviously we dont know…but what are some possibilities?

1) Could BIG DOG Steve Duemig be correct about Head Coach Greg Sciano and his Micro Managing ways? Did Sciano conspire to remove the Captaincy from Freeman as a precurser to benching him at some point this season?

2) Did players get together and start pointing fingers…"I voted for him" "yeah, I voted for him too…" while they didnt but didnt want to come across as someone who didnt. This doesnt sound likely, but it is possible.

Either way…. a Players only meeting in week one is NOT a good thing. 

OR….is it? Perhaps this team needed to get over whatever happened between Donald Penn and Vincent Jackson? 

In watching that video a few times, it looks like Penn was not even fighting with Jackson, but talking. Penn could have been over reacting to something Jackson had told him. Josh Freeman was nearby, perhaps he said something or was discussing something. 

One would hope the 5 Captains on the team would rise up and get this situated, including one of the leaders on the team, Captain or not, Josh Freeman. 


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