So who’s NOT listening to Schiano?

So Gerald McCoy has gone on record as saying the players are still listening to Head Coach Greg Schiano. A few other Bucs have joined him, like Safety Dashon Goldson. What they are not saying, is that plenty of Buccaneers players have not only tuned him out, but have shown in their actions they are playing out the season Raheem Morris style. 

So who are they? Look at their actions…it will give them away. In the last game of Morris' coaching game at Atlanta, Tight End Kellen Winslow ran the wrong route and ran into another player who was going to the same spot. Josh Freeman was livid; because Morris lost Winslow, he did not lose Freeman. 

Fast forward to 2013, and this Time Freeman was on the wrong side,and it cost him his career here inTampa Bay. Schiano runs the team like a dictator, so everyone is afraid to speak their mind, but they can't help act like someone who is just going through the motions. And if your a star player, and you know you can't be cut…well you are seeing a lot of that on the Bucs these days. 

Young players who are just out of college or don't know any better Are not nessessarilly on the coach's side. Guys who are not listening to the man are the ones who are the most frustrating.

Donald Penn- Penn has played good, but not up to what he is capable of. He knows he cannot be benched, yet can't find it in himself to play beyond the indifference he has. 

Vincent Jackson- he was vocal in San Diego when he wasn't happy, isn't it strange he's quiet here? Even grown men do not want to meet the wrath of Schiano. Jackson is clearly frustrated when he's grabbing a defender's facemask to get open in the end zone.

Look at the other players on the Bucs who are under-performing; especially guys who played under Morris.

Mark Barron, Mike Williams, davin Joseph, CarlNicks, Jeremy Zuttah, Daquan Bowers, Adrian Clayborn, Ted Larson, and this is not counting the Bucs who are no longer with the team. 

There may be something to who wants Schiano to stay on the year so as not to lose draft spots resulting from Bucs wins. it's quite likely that the Bucs will win some games once Schiano is let go. 



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