Sunday will tell the tale of Bucs 2013 season


If your head is spinning from all the events going on at One Bucs Place, you have company. Several counties that make up the gulf coast worth of company!

But if your looking for a solution, or resolution to the events, well that comes in 5 days when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The result, both the score and the way the team plays, will speak VOLUMES to the state of the franchise in the aftermath of the Josh Freeman exodus. 

A lot of people are still having problems slipping that off their tongue. Just a bit over two months ago, we were getting extremely excited about this 2013 season, expecting a return to the playoffs, and why not.

The Offense was set! And the defense was addressed in the offseason…so what could possibly happen?


Now here we are and the QB we had inked in to start for the next decade, is GONE, wearing a Minnesota Vikings uniform. And the toughest part is learning that it was self-inflicted. You can call Schiano anything you want, but Freeman isn’t the first coach to be tough to play for. In return, you toughen up!


Well this equestrian flogging has gone on long enough, he is gone and its time for all of us to move on.

Players on the Bucs are saying all the right things, and time has come to see what the real issue was, and by 4PM a post game press conference wont be needed to translate what happened on the field.


I’ve watched Bucs football for a long time, and everything I’ve ever seen leads me to believe this circus is far from resolved, and the Bucs will lose 30-13. If that’s true, it will show a locker room that is divided, and a player or two (or more) has given up on this coach. I hope I'm wrong, I hope the stuff we're hearing about Bucs players still acting like children that require this discipline to continue is wrong. 

But what if everything was on Josh Freeman? What if, other than a player or two who are close to him in the locker room but knew he had to go, the team feels relieved to be rid of the childish antics of their “ Leader “? What happens is, the team starts to win and it will dispel all of the anti-schiano talk that has spread throughout the radio and newspapers in Tampa Bay since early September.


Just this morning, Ian Beckles on 620 WDAE said he knows of big name Bucs players that go out and get trashed on Friday Nights. So no wonder Shiano has to put cameras to see whos laughing it up during a loss. If you were fed up with that At Atlanta disaster that closed out the 2011 season, thats the kind of stuff Schiano needed to remove.


The Glazers never fire a coach mid-season, but “never” is just a word that leads to something happening for the first time. A blow-out loss or two is probably what it will take for the owners to clean house of this mess. But a close game or win means the players on this team are still fighting for their coach. 


What I’m saying is not world shattering news. The meaning of it is elementary though, winning or losing this game wont be an accident or a fluke. We wont have to wait until week 6 to see if the trend continues. This answers it right here and right now, Sunday, Post Game. 


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