Tampa Bay Buccaneers simply out coached in 2nd half again

The good teams finish.

Tony Dungy had a great record in December. Jon Gruden, did not. 

Tony Dungy's teams kept it close till the 4th quarter, then finished. Today's Bucs, do not.

Thats because the Bucs do not have a coach that is capable of finishing games, and thus, his team, our team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, do not know how to finish games. You only have to look at the numbers, they do not lie.

0-7 in games decided by 3 points or less. 

3 touchdowns in second half in half of the season.

Yesterday, the Bucs lost more than the game in the second half. They lost their nerve, they lost their edge, and good teams GAIN that in the 4th quarter of games. Seattle did, they understand what it takes to be a good team.

That is on coaching, not the players. Several times this season the Bucs have lost because their players simply werent as good as the players lining up on the other side. Sometimes they have lost because the schemes of the Bucs were not as good as the oppenents. 

Yesterday, like many Bucs loses in 2013, the Bucs coach and coaching staff simply were not as good as the ones on the other sideline.

You may not have noticed, the Seahawks were celebrating their 1983 team, the first playoff team in their equally long history. Next week the Bucs will be parading one of their best players in team history, lets hope the team can figure out how to play the way Seattle did.

Basically, for the players to out play their coaches.


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