The more the Tampa Bay buccaneers play, the more blame there is to go around

The 2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season could be summed up like the New England Patriots game; the more you thought the Bucs still had a chance in the game, the more it became apperant the Bucs in 2013 are just as finished as that  Bucs team was today. 

And if you thought this article was going to put the blame on any one person..well guess again…there were too many culprits. Usually the first game of the season reveals a game that completely resembles the season in a microcosm. Well forget it…this game was it. The Bucs teased us by showing a little potential in the early part (of the season, by losing two games by 3 points, of the game too) then fall apart. 

Make no mistakes about it, next week is a MUST WIN situation for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Only once in the entire history of the Bucs has an 0-3 team done ANYTHING with their season, and that was 1982, and a strike year when only 9 games were played, and just about every team made the playoffs with a 5-4 record. 

So who shall we spread the blame around to? for starters, the Bucs blew any chance of being in this game when their 3rd kicker of the year missed his second straight makable FG attempt. Then Bucs backup tight end drops a ball in the end zone that would have put the Bucs up by 10 and could have had a different affect on the outcome of the game. 

Then its time to pass the blame on to the Head Coach and GM Mark Domnik. 

GM Mark Dominik- Last year you went into the season with an old has been Tight End Dallas Clark, this year, without  even that, Dominik has the Bucs completely unprepared to compete in the NFL without a proper Tight End. 

Ditto at Wide Receiver. Tiquan Underwood was not a great Wide receiver, but he surely has outplayed Ogletree. He outplayed him in the preseason, hes outplaying him now. But when Jackson goes down with an injury, and Mike williams is a bit hurt himself, the Bucs have absolutely no answers at Wide Outs and that falls on the GM to go into the season without better alternatives. 

Coach Schiano or Josh Freeman…who is really responsible for Freeman's abysmal production? Josh came out firing on all cylinders to start the game. But then it slowly started to fall apart. In the ends, Doug Martin finished with good numbers, the offensive line gave him all day long to throw, but yet Josh Freeman finished his third straight game below 50% completion percentage. That is plain horrible. I'm not even convinced that Freeman gives us the Best chance to win….perhaps one game with Mike Glennon would change my opinion on that. It's almost a sure shot that he will get a chance at some point in 2013. 

The Josh Freeman story is the most frustrating…his whole career here is one big conundrum…as was his game today. Sure he throws for under 50%, his WR keep dropping balls. The WRs are inexperienced once you get below No.2, but so are the Patriots WRs, so there is no excuse there. He put the ball in a perfect spot for Vincent Jackson who dropped the ball, but then he throws that pick just before the half. 

Finally, the Glazers. lets leave them out for now. They did their deed, they allowed Dominik to go shopping. Wether or not he got what he wanted or needed, we dont know. But the Glazers have spent money over the last two years, so for now…they are blameless. But they will probably be called upon to make some tough decisions later this year. 


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