Unless absolutely necessary, Stop CHANGING for Change’s sake

It's too easy sometimes.

"We need a new coach"

"Get that QB Out of here..hes no good"

Amid all the speculation that Greg Schiano was going to be fired, his two most popular replacements among Bucs fans were Lovie Smith and Mike Tomlin. 

I found those choices interesting; Lovie Smith because he is a throw back to Tony Dungy days of the 1990s…Build a great defense, let the offense stay out of the way. Then Mike Tomlin; Greatest hurdle there is his employer doesnt fire coaches on a whim. theyve had the same number of coaches since 1969 that the Bucs have had since 2008. The Pittsburgh Steelers dont change coaches for change's sake, and they have the most Super Bowls of everyone. 

When you change, you not only change for good, but for bad as well. Its like selling a used car and buying another one; you got rid of the car that had terrible breaks, but the next one has engine problems. 

Thats to say nothing of the "My Guy" syndrome you get when you change coaches. When the Bucs were about to play the Dolphins on Monday Night Football, I decided to look back to the last Monday Night Game. It wasnt that long ago, 2011 season, week 4.

There are only 3 starters that played in that game on defense. 

THAT IS ONLY TWO YEARS AGO! Only 3 starters remain; Gerald McCoy Mason Foster, and Adrian Clayborn. No one else. That is not how you become a winning football team. You go out and get a new coach, he will find a few of these players that wont fit "his" system. And the turnover continues until you dont recognize the team anymore from season to season, which causes more losing, which spirals out of control. 

There are only 4 starters left on offense from that game. Donald Penn, Davin Joseph, Jeremy Zuttah, Erik Lorig, and Mike Williams. That is bad enough, but THREE STARTERS from only TWO YEARS AGO?

Lets stop the CHANGE just for CHANGE's sake. We've seen life from these Bucs, lets give them another year to see what they can do. 

The list of Bucs no longer on team who started in 2011

71 Bennett

92 Price

54 Hayes

58 Black

25 Talib

26 Jones

36 Jackson

20 Barber


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