When Will We See The NFL Expand Its Regular Season?

With the 2013 regular season right around the corner, media and fans will once again speculate the thought of an 18 game NFL regular season schedule. While it has been talked about for a while now, nothing has been set in stone. The question seems to be a matter of when, not if at this point.


At the Spring League meeting back in May, commissioner Roger Goodell stated that the 18-game schedule is still on the table as a strong possibility. Despite plenty of outcry for people who are against the idea, the fact of the matter is revenue would increase and most fans would welcome two more Sundays a year of meaningful football and fantasy football .


Up to this point, standing in the way of an expanded schedule is the NFL Players Association. With injuries, especially those to the head, at an all-time high adding two more games just increases the opportunities of getting hurt.


Very quietly, the NFL is slowly beginning to reshape the schedule for the entire year. The NFL will move its annual draft to the middle of May next season, and it could be a permanent move. This could definitely allow for a slightly later ending season, but the logistics of an 18-game schedule seems to work better with starting earlier, rather than ending later.


It will be interesting to watch this story continue to develop, especially with the rearrangement of the offseason schedule already set to take place next season. Despite the players being strongly against it, at the end of the day the NFL is about money. It might just be too good to turn down.




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