Who should be more worried Sunday; Bucs defense? Or Drew Brees?

Laugh if you will, but the Bucs just came off a game in which they sacked Geno Hayes 5 times. Not really  one to overstate the obvious…but Drew Bree's isn't as mobile of a QB as Geno Smith! 

So with all the talk around the league as far as how can the Bucs defense keep Bree's from scoring, perhaps we're over looking the other side. 

Without a doubt, Bree's has carved up the Bucs as of late. But how long has it been since we've seen a pass rush to brag about in Tampa Bay? Since 2005 by my recollection. And while only one sack came from a defensive lineman…it's been a long time since Chris Hovan was brought in to help with the pass rush. 


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