With Change of Leadership Bucs Looking to Teach

The unfortunate news out of Tallahassee is that the unemployment rate in Florida has skyrocketed with the release of thousands of Buccaneer assistant coaches. 

I jest of course; but the Bucs did have an awful lot of coaches and they were all let go. One thing the Bucs look to be returning to; something they used to do quite well under Tony Dungy and staff- They will TEACH.

Under Dungy the Bucs hired good teachers as assistant coaches like Lovie Smith and Herm Edwards. They did not bring their own plans but instead taught the system to the younger players. That has been lost in coaches of late who seem to try to bring their own brand of football knowledge to the party and all it does is separate when mixed with the head coaches philosophies. Its like watching Italian Dressing sit in a jar; it begins to separate.

The Bucs have hired two excellent choices at coordinators; on defense the Bucs will be coached by recently excused head coach Leslie Frazier. He was part of the secondary on that amazing 1985 SuperBowl Bears team. 

The defense will be Lovie's to conjur up and Frazier will teach it to his students through their individual assitant coaches based on each section of the defense. Under Tony Dungy Herm Edwards was the secondary coach- Lovie Smith was coaching linebackers and Rod Marinelli instructed the Defensive Line like few others could. 

Frazier too was an assistant coach under Tony Dungy in Indianapolis; he started out in 2005 as a defensive assistant then became the Defensive Backs coach as well as Asst. to Head Coach the next season-the Super Bowl year of 2006. Frazier was DB coach for the Eagles from 99-2000 which means he faced the Bucs in all of those playoff games. 

Many will look to see Fraziers Vikings' team stats when he became defensive coordinator there; if you do your chasing the wrong information. He will be implementing Lovie Smith's defense now not Brad Chiildress.

As a teacher Frazier comes highly acclaimed; and that is great news because that is what the Bucs realy need. 


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