SAINTS were RoadBlock, but be careful of the powder blue blockades up ahead.

Teams are learning Bucs D line is one man wrecking crew. Someone else needs to step up.

The Bucs defense has been the most consistent streaming D to play; no one plays them, and they get you 10 points week in and week out;

Until this week. Someone told the New Orleans Saints about Mr. Barrett. Was it you?

Maybe it was the MEDIA, naming him Defensive player of the Month and weeks (too many times).

Consider the Bucs have been the bottom 5 priced defenses each week, last week 2200 dollars on DK, yet produce lines of 12, 9, 8 and 15 before earning this 1 point score. Thats awesome value that lets you pay up for, say, Michael Thomas LOL!

Remember, when playing a defense, FORGET ABOUT THE POINTS THE OTHER TEAM SCORES. That’s a fish way to think about defense. The Rams game, the Bucs gave up 40 points right? but finished with a 15 point score. Thats because they got 3 interceptions, a Scoop n Score, and a bunch of Shaq Sacks! Thats where points are at in DFS defense streaming.

So now what? Will Bucs D be playable anymore? At this point we should wait until we see. The NFL is a copy cat league, and in division Home/Away series, the second game is NEVER a smiler outcome as previous game.

I doubt McCaffrey will go off, but he could since he will touch the ball on over 50% of the plays and will be on the field for 100% of the offenses snaps.

Allen and one of the Carolina WR could be a good way to go, and then go back with a Buc WR. Godwin will be heavily owned so Mike Evans will be the contrarian pick, especially after last week.

Recency Bias, thou art a helpless bitch.


These are DFS terms, DFS meaning Daily Fantasy :

Contrarian: picking a player that goes against the grain, goes against what most people will be picking, in hopes of getting a low owned player which is good for tournaments.

Fish: A less talented DFS player, because the pros are called Sharks, so obviously, the Sharks eat or take money from, the fish. In slang, its used to refer in a derogatory manner :”You played Robbie Running back? Your such a fish bro. “


“Go back with… In what’s considered a sound stacking strategy, stacking meaning taking several players from the same team in hopes of capitalizing on a scoring outburst by a team (ex. QB and WR1 of team A). Going back with refers to the concept of adding to a stack a member of the other team, in hopes of capitalizing on a high scoring game. Example would be Away Teams QB and WR1, with home teams WR 1 ‘going the other way’.

“recency bias” is a theory that states Daily Fantasy players (us people) will fall victim to a players (actual sports players, NFL, MLB etc) last game performance in defining his capability this week. EX. Quinn Quarterback has poor game, people remember this poor game when considering wether or not to play him. Or EX Ryan Receiver catches 9 passes for 182 yards and 2 TD last week, so a DFS player remembers this performance even though Ryan Receiver has not scored well in previous 3 games. ‘Recency Bias’ can span to also include when a player has had a bye week, (out of sight out of mind) and even include “highlights watchers” who see a running back run for 4 TDs, and remember those videos when comparing and selecting players for a new weeks’ slate.

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